AGC develops “safe” replacement for R410A

JAPAN: Refrigerant company AGC statements to have designed a new HFO1123 blend which resolves security problems connected with this fuel as a low GWP replacement for R410A in air conditioning.

Produced by AGC in 2014 as aspect of Japan’s New Power and Industrial Technology Advancement Organisation (NEDO) funded undertaking, HFO1123, which AGC brand names as Amolea 1123, has a GWP of significantly less than 1, when maintaining the same effectiveness as R410A. 

The new mix, dependent on HFO1123, has been formulated in cooperation with the College of Tokyo. 

Protection issue

Appreciably, AGC suggests it is on keep track of to take care of the basic safety concern that had been a person of the worries for the realistic application of the refrigerant, boasting “the advancement of the world’s to start with refrigerant with GWP below 10 for air conditioners has entered the remaining stage”.

The security challenges concerning HFO1123 relate to the simple fact that it can go through what is known as a disproportionation reaction below high-temperature and high-strain conditions. Although this does not take place throughout the standard functioning array of air conditioning tools, if, for illustration, a short circuit was to happen within the motor of the compressor, and discharge strength earlier mentioned a particular worth is equipped, disproportionation may possibly arise. This response has been described as speedy, violent, exothermic and accompanied by a swift tension rise.

The most current Bitzer Refrigerant Report, generated in 2020, observes that R1123 has a appreciably higher volumetric refrigeration potential than R1234yf or R1234ze(E) but states that the strain stage is even greater than that of R32 and the crucial temperature is only about 59°C. “Apart from that, there are unanswered inquiries about the chemical very long-phrase steadiness below the exclusive specifications of the refrigeration cycle,” the report compilers condition.


Preceding experiments blending HFO1123 with R32, R1234yf or mixtures thereof, have all been uncovered to suppress disproportionation. The College of Tokyo and AGC now claim to have succeeded in establishing a safe composition that suppresses the quick tension maximize thanks to the decomposition of HFO1123 to a specific level by introducing propane. 

It is not uncovered what share of propane is employed in the new mix, and it is not said no matter if it is probable to qualify as an A2L or an A3 refrigerant. In any case, it is but to undergo ASHRAE flammability and toxicity assessment.

Dependent on the final results of this progress, AGC claims it will sequentially start new refrigerants with ultra-lower GWP and substantial safety, for use in a wide range of devices, such as residential and commercial air conditioners. 

“In addition, as a upcoming-era refrigerant for electric automobiles, Amolea 1123 combined refrigerant (Amolea 10X) with a GWP of 10 or less, which will be utilized for ASHRAE in June 2022, is under thing to consider for certification in 2025 by SAE,” AGC says.

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