ASERCOM warns of “severe consequences” of PTC ban

PTC sensors are often embedded in both equally ends of the motor winding in just about every stage in get to perception all the likely hot spots

BELGIUM: ASERCOM has warned of “severe consequences” for heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning if exemptions to the use of selected dangerous substances in electrical and digital gear are eradicated.

In accordance to ASERCOM, the European association of refrigeration component companies, proposed variations to the RoHS exemptions to Directive 2011/65/EU would impede the use of PTCs as temperature sensors for motor defense in compressors.

Directive 2011/65/EU restricts the use of selected dangerous substances in electrical and electronic devices. One of the restricted substances, direct, is applied in lead-tin solder bonding the PTC ceramic to connecting wires and is deemed important for products safety and longevity. 

ASERCOM, together with EPEE and EHI, the affiliation of the European heating industry, have  resolved national authorities across Europe in a current complex paper clarifying why lead need to continue on to be utilized in temperature sensors.

It argues that the use of PTCs as temperature sensors for motor safety in compressors can’t be replaced by other remedies, as the substantial tripping temperatures of up to 180°C are technically only probable through the use of lead in the solder.

And this is at a time when the industry “faces the challenge” of introducing new very low GWP refrigerants which “inevitably prospects to larger temperatures than in the earlier – equally in the motor winding and in the discharge gas”, ASERCOM states.

“Only PTCs with guide in the solder can face up to the significant vibration stages and temperature calls for of heat pump, refrigeration and air conditioning compressors,” ASERCOM says, adding: “If the suggestions ended up to be accredited by the European Fee, this would have serious implications for the heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning market.”

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