Beijer Ref report Q3 sales up 13.1%

SWEDEN: Refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler Beijer Ref saw profits improve by 13.1% to SEK4,341m (≈€433m) in the 3rd quarter, in contrast to the exact period final year. 

Natural and organic growth was 6.4%, with acquisition effects of 7.% and forex effects of .3%.

These most up-to-date figures bring profits for the first nine months of 2021 to SEK12,633m (≈€1,260.7m), an increase of 18.6% in comparison to the exact same period of time very last 12 months. Natural and organic growth was 15.3%, with acquisition effects amounting to 6.2% and forex results amounted to -2.9% (1.6).

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