Carrier adds EcoBlue to WeatherMaker rooftops

Usa: Carrier’s new WeatherMaker line of rooftop units now feature the company’s EcoBlue beltless direct-generate vane axial supporter system.

Formerly readily available only on pick units, the EcoBlue program is explained to be up to 40% additional power productive than regular ahead curve belt-pushed admirer programs. With 75% fewer moving sections – there are no supporter belts, pulleys, shafts or shaft bearings – and a specifically intended higher-density enthusiast blade, the state-of-the-art style can appreciably reduce functioning, set up and upkeep prices.

The addition of EcoBlue Technology also contributes to assembly the 2023 US Department of Power minimum amount effectiveness necessities for HVAC equipment. 

The new WeatherMaker models with EcoBlue technology are lighter than past models although preserving the same footprint and cabinet size. The new units with 7.5 to 12.5 ton products will have Built-in Electricity Effectiveness Ratios (IEERs) up to 15.2. Along with fantastic healthy abilities to eliminate the require for costly adapter curbs or full roof control replacements, the units will have optional MERV-13 4-inch filters, air administration economisers for clean air and free cooling, and SystemVu controls that deliver sensible diagnostics and true-time details to keep an eye on and aid optimise system functionality.


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