Carrier R1234ze chiller for process applications

FRANCE: Provider has released the AquaForce Eyesight 30KAV, described as a new line of superior effectiveness, compact method cooling chillers working with reduced GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze. 

The new chiller line is said to be optimised for industrial processing such as food items manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemical compounds, plastics, metallic industries and programs necessitating ultra-reputable cooling to -12ºC. 

The AquaForce Eyesight 30KAV air-cooled, variable-speed screw chillers are available in 4 dimensions, spanning capacities from 280kW to 800kW into -4ºC/-8ºC medium temperature method cooling and from 530kW to 1300kW into 12/7ºC higher-temperature course of action cooling or comfort cooling. 

The use of Carrier’s Novation micro-channel warmth exchangers minimizes the refrigerant charge sizing. In addition, the chiller has a footprint one-3rd less than regular 30KAV chillers, enabling it to be deployed the place place is tight devoid of compromising general performance.

For mission important programs, this sort of as procedure cooling and foodstuff production, the chiller features an ultra-rapidly potential restoration choice. According to Carrier, in the function of the chiller ability supply being interrupted, the restoration solution enables quick chiller restart pursuing electricity restoration with 100% capacity recovery within just 1 minute.

All 30KAV styles can also be geared up with an progressive boosted complete heat recovery option that allows much more heat to be recovered for the duration of the wintertime. 

The warmth restoration alternative employs a hybrid layout that harnesses the benefits of both of those serial and parallel layout methods. When heat reclaim is activated, the air-cooled coils are instantly isolated to lessen the influence of chilly ambient air on the heat ability that can be recovered from the drinking water-cooled warmth exchanger. This option improves warmth recovery by 25% at nominal load with 35ºC outdoors air temperature, and by 100% or additional when the chiller operates with lower outside the house air temperature, as opposed with the conventional serial-only technique to warmth restoration. The cooling potential of the chiller is also slightly improved in warmth recovery method. 

Due to its compliance with European Ecodesign Directive prerequisites, the AquaForce 30KAV can also be used in comfort and ease cooling programs.


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