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Rectorseal launches Metacaulk CID tub box kits

Rectorseal has added Metacaulk solid-in-spot device (CID) tub box kits to its solution line, giving firestop penetration for plastic and metal drainpipes.

Out there with 2- and 3-inch Metacaulk CID, the tub box kits are made to prevent the distribute of hearth from bathtubs or jet-spa drains to the upper level. No concrete drilling is demanded. The optimum slab top with package parts is 10 inches. For further slabs, Metacaulk CID extensions are obtainable.

“Our continuing quest is to give products that support to minimize set up time,” states Caitlin Krc, Product or service Manager at RectorSeal. “It’s one cause why our tub box elements are built to be forged specifically into the concrete to type an embedded intumescent assistance supply.”

The Metacaulk tub box kits have been created for the two plastic and metal drainpipes. Regular attributes include a crush-resistant, modest-footprint design and style, alignment stubs, and top-marking identification. The kits can be mounted on to concrete kinds working with regular strategies outlined in the installation guidance.

RectorSeal is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials Inc.

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