Dr Jan Rosenow

Hydrogen not the future for home heating

A evaluate of independent scientific studies on the use of hydrogen for heating has delivered a damning verdict for the idea that we may perhaps one working day exchange our present fuel network with a hydrogen community.

The proof evaluation, undertaken by electricity influencer Dr Jan Rosenow, looked at 32 unbiased studies. These were being done at intercontinental, regional, nationwide, condition, and city amount by universities, investigate institutes, intergovernmental organisations these as the IPCC and the Worldwide Electricity Company (IEA), and consulting companies. The evaluate excluded reports carried out by or on behalf of a precise business, mainly because the success may replicate vested interests.

Dr Rosenow notes that the overview was carried out against a backdrop of hydrogen hopefulness.

“Low-carbon and zero-carbon hydrogen has been promoted by fuel and heating market representatives as a crucial alternative to swap specifically fossil gasoline in the distribution grid,” he suggests. “It has obtained considerable media focus over the last two to 3 yrs and featured in some of the several national hydrogen techniques released just lately.”

Indeed, hydrogen seems in both Australia’s Very low Emissions Technologies Assertion 2021 and the Gas Substitution Roadmap launched by the Victorian government before this yr.

Dr Rosenow helps make an significant distinction among the unique takes advantage of of green hydrogen. He notes that there are quite a few reputable latest and prospective makes use of: as a feedstock in industry, for substantial-temperature processes, in shipping and delivery, and for long-phrase strength storage for electrical power creation.

When it will come to heating in properties, on the other hand, the review is unequivocal.

“The evidence assessment displays that the common use of hydrogen for heating is not supported by any of the 32 reports identified in this critique,” says Rosenow.

“Instead, present independent investigation so significantly suggests that, as opposed to other possibilities this kind of as warmth pumps, solar thermal, and district heating, hydrogen use for domestic heating is fewer economic, much less economical, a lot more source intense, and related with larger environmental impacts.”

The  evidence evaluate can be uncovered at ScienceDirect.

Picture by Rafael Classen at Pexels.

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