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Scottish Government commences EPC rating review

Devolved authority has proposed introducing a additional ‘holistic’ methodology to measure domestic efficiency that considers the creating fabric, strength costs and the heating procedure made use of

The Scottish Government is reviewing how it rates the electricity performance of properties and other properties to stimulate heat pump deployment in the nation.

These efforts to assessment how Strength Effectiveness Certificate (EPC) are measured in the region are element of a session wanting at both domestic and non-domestic properties that was released in late July.

Proposals in the consultation would glance to improved factor in the performance of precise heating units in just the all round EPC score. This will aid to make certain that decrease carbon units are remaining inspired in location of technologies these kinds of as combi-boilers.

A forward to the consultation notes that EPCs provide as an important supply of data about how power economical a particular dwelling is, though also determining where improvements can be made.

Even so, the Scottish Governing administration warned that the current rating and metrics utilised to compile the EPC are “not appropriate” with regards to stimulate enhancements in the cloth of a making and also enhance the adoption of warmth pumps.

The consultation has proposed introducing three new EPC metrics for measuring the domestic overall performance of a home that can reflect both the cloth effectiveness of a dwelling, as very well as recognising adjustments in heating techniques.

These a few metrics are recognized as:

  • – Fabric score
  • – Cost score
  •  -Heating procedure tape

The consultation doc included: “This would mean that zero immediate emissions techniques with certain electrical power efficiency attributes, this sort of as contemporary storage heaters, receive recognition for those characteristics above direct electrical heaters.”

“Additionally, methods with high efficiency, these kinds of as warmth pumps, would also be recognised.”

Part of the target of the evaluate would be to take into account how elements this sort of as hot drinking water demand from customers is recognised in the EPC score method and the effect it may possibly have on encouraging minimal carbon heating units.

The session observed there was a particular worry about the impact on the ‘fabric’ ranking that is measured by the EPC when shifting from using a fuel combi boiler to a technology these as a heat pump with additional storage.  A single of the proposals in the consultation is to be certain that incredibly hot water demand from customers is not factored into the fabric metric of the EPC.

The consultation document mentioned: “This would make certain that the fabric metric has a crystal clear that means and part, and is not unexpectedly motivated by non-cloth adjustments. Modifications to the domestic scorching water warmth demand would be recognised by other proposed metrics, including charge and strength use.”

Opinions on the proposals will be approved right until October 16.

Previously this yr, independent Uk watchdog the Local weather Modify Committee set out several recommendations on how authorities in Scotland could most effective reform the EPC ranking program in get to incentivise very low carbon warmth.

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