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Daikin launches new Slimline Outdoor Air Processing unit

Daikin Australia has launched its new Slimline Outdoor Air Processing device (FXMQ-AFVM).

“This new device can be connected to both equally Daikin Warmth Pump and Warmth Recovery VRV outdoor models,” Daikin claims, “thus featuring a full Daikin HVAC creating resolution comprising relaxed cooling and heating, needed air flow and centralised controls.”

Daikin says the unit’s skill to pre-situation outdoor air to a goal home air temperature lessens the air-conditioning load and enhances air temperature and humidity control.

“The addition of a crafted-in drain pump with 700mm elevate and silver ion anti-bacterial agent box prevents the expansion of mould and micro organism in the drain pan,” the company claims. “Indoor air good quality can be more optimised with the unit’s compatibility with MERV 8 and 14 filters.”

The corporation states the potential to join admirer coil units for air conditioning and outside air-processing units to the same refrigerant line offers increased design versatility, place conserving and a important reduction in full program expenditures.

Examine the corporation profile of Daikin at HVAC&R Lookup.

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