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August 15, 2022

With the Humidity Calculator by E+E Elektronik, advanced humidity calculations can be carried out quickly and in true-time. This cost-free calculation device performs on line in any latest browser and can also be installed as an app on smartphones or a Computer system. Up to 15 humidity-connected parameters can be computed with the practical calculation plan. In addition, the E+E Humidity Calculator characteristics a independent calculation mode for figuring out the stress dew place.

Humidity calculation such as measurement uncertainty

Based mostly on three acknowledged physical portions (pressure, temperature, and a humidity measurand), the E+E Humidity Calculator computes up to 15 humidity-connected parameters this sort of as the dew level, frost stage, absolute humidity, enthalpy, and so on. A sizeable variation to other humidity calculators is that the E+E Humidity Calculator also takes the measurement uncertainty into account and as a result guarantees significantly functional effects.

In addition to computing and changing actual physical humidity portions, the E+E Humidity Calculator can also be employed to simulate the behaviour of the humidity values as tension and temperature circumstances adjust. For realistic calculations, air and 10 other gases (including argon, CO2, helium, and methane) can be selected as the carrier medium.

The formulae for conversion, like computing the uncertainty, are based mostly on the frequent humidity theories and have been validated by the accredited E+E Elektronik calibration laboratory.

Useful dew level calculator

In addition to calculating the humidity, the E+E Humidity Calculator characteristics a different calculation mode for computing the dew place in compressed air units. This tends to make it easy to determine the adjust in dew stage temperature in relation to the gas stress.

User-friendly and functional

The E+E Humidity Calculator is effortless and intuitive in use, and it provides a wealthy established of beneficial capabilities. For case in point, the measurement units of the physical quantities can be transformed from SI to the US procedure of units with just 1 click, or individually described for every single bodily quantity. Users can adapt the listing of calculated actual physical portions to match their personal demands by exhibiting or hiding specific traces. The computation results can be exported as PDF or Excel files and also sent by way of e-mail. A click on on the Reset button clears all calculations and restores the preliminary checklist of measurands.

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