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Impressive line-up for ARBS 2022 Seminar Program

ARBS 2022 has announced an extensive line-up of seminars and presentations to be held during the exhibition at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 16–18.

The program incorporates the ARBS Seminar Program, a content-rich program for the entire HVAC&R and building services industry; the IBTech Insight Series, dedicated to intelligent building technologies; and the ARBS Exhibitor Presentation Theatre, a space for exhibitors to present the latest equipment.

“Registration is now open,” says ARBS. “Don’t miss your chance to see a range of high profile and respected individuals discuss the topics and products of importance to the industry.”

The complete schedule can be found below. Costs will be advised with the release of the final program.

For more information and to register, go to www.arbs.com.au

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


  • PD01: BREATH – Improving health and energy outcomes through various retrofit options (column-based displacement and in-ceiling filtration) 
  • SM01: Cold Hard Facts 2022 – Key developments and emerging trends in the RAC industry in Australia
  • SM02: Working towards NCC2025 
  • IB01: The Role of the Master Systems Integrator (MSI) (IBTech)


  • Thermal Energy Metering: The latest technology, Aquip Systems (Presentation Theatre)


  • PD02: Living with COVID – IAQ and HVAC research
  • IB02: Cyber Security and the Emergence of Smart Buildings (IBTech)


  • Selecting the ideal climate control system for a wine cellar, MacPhee’s (Presentation Theatre)


  • PD03: Indoor Air Quality Technology 
  • SM03: Global Natural Refrigerant Market and Technologies: Latest Trends and Expected Impact 
  • IB03: How digitisation can help with efficiency (IBTech)


  • SM05: Electronic Pressure Independent Valves: Energy savings and control advantages 
  • SM06: Woodside Building Case Study 
  • IB04: Future Space and the Tenant Experience (IBTech)

Wednesday, August 17, 2022


  • PD04: Quantifying the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance 


  • SM07: Building services evolution by natural selection driven by real-world data – a Darwinian model?
  • SM08: Embodied Energy/Carbon
  • SM09: Government update on the regulation of refrigerants 
  • IB05: Futureproofing Commercial Buildings: The Unification of Multiple Building Systems (IBTech)


  • IB06: Quay Quarter Tower Case Study (IBTech)


  • SM10: Prefabrication innovation for Building Services
  • SM11: The Application of HVAC Equipment in Commercial Passive House Projects
  • SM12: COVID-19 and Ventilation 101
  • SM13: Large Scale, Centralized, Low Charge Ammonia Refrigerating Plant and Energy Efficiency


  • Smart, sustainable energy management for healthy buildings, ABB (Presentation Theatre)


  • IB07: Meet the designers – The how, who and what of designing SMART (IBTech)


  • Using CFD Modelling to map Airflow. Big Ass Fans (Presentation Theatre)


  • How to prevent False Alarms in Your Ammonia Gas Detection System. CTI – Gas Detection Specialists (Presentation Theatre)


  • PD05: Better Ways to Work: Improving HVAC performance through maintenance               
  • SM14: Real-time on-premises chilled water plant predictive optimization                                
  • SM15: Electric Buildings


  • SM16: The Strategy for Net Zero
  • SM17: Legal changes that directly affect the HVAC&R industry                         
  • SM18: NABERS new frontiers: NABERS ratings for warehouses and cold stores
  • IB08: Enhancing our Weather and Climate Data Services for Facilities Management (IBTech)

Thursday, August 18, 2022


  • PD06: Innovation and research needs for the HVAC sector


  • PD07: What’s happening to refrigeration and air conditioning trade training?       
  • SM19: Seismic Restraint of HVAC explained          
  • SM20: When the devil is in the water – passivation for long-term asset protection
  • IB09: Data Clearing House: A platform for portable building analytics (IBTech)

12 noon–1pm

  • SM21: Research and development for an end-to-end blockchain solution for managing synthetic refrigerants
  • SM22: Infrastructure Without Tears: How To Transition From Commercial To Industrial Contracts In Uncertain Times Without Losing Your Shirt 
  • SM23: Built to Perform: Opportunities for strengthened commercial building energy requirements in the National Construction Code


  • SM24: Air Movement for Energy-Efficient Comfort
  • SM25: The future of Hydrogen Boilers and the Deakin University Warrnambool Campus Hydrogen Conversion
  • SM26: Woolworths Preston’s integrated transcritical CO2 RAC system – 36 months on
  • IB11: Maintenance by Machine, Driving maintenance efficiencies with product integrated control and analytics (IBTech)

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