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Mikrofill 3 granted LEC Certification by ASSE International – HVAC Insider

July 28, 2022

Mikrofill Techniques Ltd. (Mikrofill), component of the U.K.-based Stuart Turner Team, has introduced that its Mikrofill 3 hydronic method pressurization device has been totally qualified by ASSE Worldwide by means of a special LEC to the typical ASSE LEC 2009-2021. The certification, formally awarded on May 26 of this year, clears the way for this progressive device to now be specified and put in on hydronic heating and cooling apps in the course of North The united states.

Confirmed efficient in the United Kingdom for additional than two many years, the exclusive Mikrofill 3 is the most innovative, “direct-type” pressurization unit out there for sealed, lower-tension scorching-h2o (LPHW) and chilled-drinking water (CHW) business and multifamily residential apps. Able to fill any heating or chilled drinking water system from empty devoid of the use of a pump, the solution also delivers business backflow defense with no RPZ valves, though also delivering complete electronic strain management.

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