Polaris offers AC units with natural refrigerants

Sydney-dependent Polaris Systems has produced a range of natural refrigerant air conditioning models. The Polaris GreenSmart hydrocarbon devices use Engas M60 refrigerant, with a GWP of significantly less than 1.

“Manufactured with completely welded refrigeration strains and incorporating patented advanced leak prevention and detection technology, these air conditioners are developed to the best trustworthiness and basic safety degrees achievable now,” claims Polaris.

According to the corporation, the models can work proficiently up to 60°C, making them perfect for serious ambient temperatures. It also claims the low operating discharge strain means that the compressors do not do the job as hard as systems employing artificial refrigerants these kinds of R410A and R32, resulting in prolonged lifetime of the models.

“And in contrast to HFC refrigerants,” claims Polaris, “natural refrigerants do not crack down into PFAS (eternally chemical compounds) if introduced into the environment.”

There are four models in the GreenSmart lineup: rooftop PAC units the ducted series mini VRF units and the Polaris Monobloc. The Monobloc units do not demand an out of doors device, and are built particularly for condominium dwelling and heritage properties wherever area is constrained and exactly where creating facade aesthetics are an vital thought.

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