Danfoss Components Help Pro-Refrigeration Put Innovation into Action  – HVAC Insider

With the approaching HFC phasedown, the demand from customers for environmentally helpful cooling techniques is driving chiller suppliers to innovate. Washington-dependent Pro-Refrigeration, Inc., a top manufacturer and provider of chillers for the industrial and beverage processing industry and a longtime purchaser of Danfoss, created the concept of a CO2 chiller and decided that Danfoss components experienced the capacities and security ratings to meet up with the requires of the task. The collaboration brought major dividends to a California dairy farm and eventually, to the atmosphere.

Because CO2 is a pure refrigerant with a GWP score of 1, not only does it have zero influence on world wide warming, it also enables refrigeration techniques to get better 100% – three times that of chillers using synthetic refrigerants – of the warmth rejected from their systems, producing very hot drinking water at up to 200 levels. For Pro-Refrigeration, warmth recovery ability is an vital products function, as beverage vegetation, dairy farms in particular, use a higher quantity of organic gasoline or propane to warmth drinking water for sanitizing and clean-down. Heat restoration know-how lowers each their prices and local weather impact.

The Danfoss components utilized in the CO2 chiller involve the AK-SM850A program manager, AK-CC 750A circumstance controller, AK-Computer system781A pack controller, as well as the CCM 20 and CCMT 30 electric powered regulating valves, BC 5100 pressure switches, stress and temperature sensors, and other add-ons these as AK-PS 250 energy offer and GDC fuel detector. All of the parts do the job collectively to keep track of the cooling procedure, obtain facts from the sensors, management when the compressors cycle on and off and make certain the supporters and growth valves are functioning accurately.

“The Danfoss components deliver the brains of the technique,” defined Jim VanderGiessen, Professional-Refrigeration’s co-founder and CEO. “They keep the system running in an exceptional method.” As part of its frequent checking and adjustment to exterior situations, the technique supervisor generates alerts and alarms, so that the facilities staff can immediately identify and handle prospective mechanical issues. The refrigeration control program also allows Pro-Refrigeration engineers to entry the info remotely for improved customer aid and troubleshooting capabilities.

A California dairy farm was a eager and eager customer for the inaugural CO2 chiller. Because set up, the milk temperature has averaged 37.1 F, whilst their former chiller was not able to interesting down below 40 F. As a end result, the farm was equipped to gain a top quality bonus from milk processors and see profits will increase in the range of $1,400 to $2,800 per day.

The chiller also recovers the waste warmth from the chiller program to heat the wash drinking water, heating 3000 gallons of very well water for each day from 70 F to 140 F and eliminating the want to use fossil fuels (propane) as a heating source. Early effects monitoring signifies that the heat recovery operation is saving the farm 30 gallons of propane each and every working day, totaling about $2,100 in personal savings for every month.

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