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August 09, 2022

Contributed by Katie Conigliaro. Excerpted from CE News.
With summer time virtually in full swing, HVAC assistance professionals need to prepare for an boost in the selection of support phone calls relevant to AC units freezing up. Your HVAC company may acquire a panicked connect with from a buyer inquiring, “Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?” or “Why is my AC freezing up?”

As an HVAC skilled, you have the instruments at your disposal to diagnose the problem, and CE has the AC components you will need to deal with any repairs.

So, what brings about air conditioners to freeze up? There are a handful of widespread leads to that HVAC experts need to be knowledgeable of heading into a company contact.

  1. Clogged Air Filters
    Right before having apart the full condenser unit to figure out what’s creating the process to freeze up, try to remember to choose a close look at the air filter 1st. It could feel unlikely that a clogged filter could result in the full procedure to freeze up and end working, but it occurs extra than you could possibly consider.

A deficiency of airflow brought about by an very soiled air filter can trigger evaporator coils to freeze. If this is the situation, the initially issue you will want to do is to swap out the filthy air filter with a clear one particular. The evaporator coil will probable function once more after it has experienced a possibility to thaw out. If not, it might need to have to be changed.

Be guaranteed to emphasize the importance of transforming air filters frequently to your clients. If filters are not changed at the very least after just about every 90 days, this challenge will probably take place once again.

  1. Harmed Blower Motor
    An air conditioning system’s blower motor plays a critical function in retaining a household cool throughout the summer. However, if a blower motor has turn into ruined or stops working altogether, this can bring about the whole device to freeze up and prevent working. In some instances, if the motor has not died out fully, consumers may perhaps see that they have pretty tiny great air coming by the vents.

No matter, it is very important for HVAC specialists to examine blower motors for signals of failure. A failing motor will emit a very low rattling seem while seeking to operate. If the motor has stopped working altogether, it is probably that the evaporator coils will also be frozen.

Replacing a blower motor is a advanced job — but it’s the only way to get the program blowing amazing air yet again. Most blower motors have a lifespan of about 10-12 a long time and are rather high-priced to exchange, so some shoppers may perhaps choose to substitute the whole program if it’s on the older aspect. As an HVAC experienced, it is your job to existing your clientele with all their possible solutions to make an informed final decision.

  1. Dirty Coils
    Yet another doable lead to of an AC procedure freezing up all through the summer months months is filthy refrigerant coils. Preferably, AC coils should keep clean up and damp. When they come to be soiled, dust and other debris can create up in excess of the coils by themselves and entice chilly air within. Around time, this can induce the overall coil to freeze up.

Soiled air filters are virtually always the lead to of dirty refrigerant coils, so connect the relevance of replacing AC filters generally to avoid this problem from taking place once more. A refrigerant coil is relatively rapid and easy to switch (and can even be thawed out in some cases), but more than time, these challenges can injury other pieces of the process.

  1. Collapsed Air Ducts
    If the technique and its components appear to be in fantastic performing order, but amazing air continue to is not producing it out of the home’s vents, there’s a great chance that a collapsed air duct could be to blame. When even one particular air duct fails inside of a developing, this can impact the whole air flow technique, resulting in the AC device to drop airflow fully.

Diagnosing a blocked or collapsed air duct can be a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, at the time the area of the blocked duct is pinpointed, changing the section of ductwork or unclogging the duct can solve the concern promptly. HVAC specialists must examine to make certain that the system’s airflow is well balanced so that the problem doesn’t occur again.

  1. Low Refrigerant
    HVAC experts are inspired to verify for minimal refrigerant amounts anytime a client calls and stories that their air conditioning is freezing or not placing out chilly air. AC compressors count on a precise stage of refrigerant to amazing air as it passes about the coils. When refrigerant degrees are way too minimal, this can result in dampness to freeze on the coils themselves. In excess of time, this effects in the coils freezing up and a absence of function from the unit general.

If refrigerant concentrations on an AC unit are measuring small, it’s vital to establish the cause. In any other case, simply just topping off the refrigerant will only be a non permanent alternative to the trouble. If there is a refrigerant leak in the technique, this wants to be fixed just before the refrigerant can be recharged.

Locate the Top quality Components You Need
Troubleshooting an air conditioning technique that is freezing up or blowing very hot air is one of the most common factors an HVAC technician will do through the scorching summer time months. And while these are some of the most frequent leads to of an AC procedure that has frozen up, it is not an exhaustive list of achievable issues. Other opportunities to take into consideration include things like lower voltage to the system’s admirer, mechanical difficulties and even a sudden drop in out of doors temperature.

No matter what AC elements you need to resolve the difficulty, you can normally depend on CE. We pride ourselves on carrying only the highest high quality sections from the most reliable makes in the sector. Speak to us right now to master additional about what we can do for you.

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