Daikin and Fujifilm develop noise reduction technology

JAPAN: Daikin is established to introduce a new sounds reduction know-how in Japan which is said to lower air flow noise by 20% or much more on its humidification/air flow air conditioning models.

The new noise reduction technology takes advantage of a ventilation soundproofing product produced by Japanese company Fujifilm. It will the 1st functional application of the sound reduction technologies that Fujifilm and Daikin have been jointly doing the job on considering that 2019.

Ventilation sounds is claimed to be reduced by 20% or more without affecting the humidification/air flow quantity.

Ventilation/humidification units 

Final calendar year, Daikin released a range of residential Urusara X and Urusara mini split program air conditioners in Japan with ventilation and humidification features. They were being introduced as a consequence of growing need for improved air quality by delivering additional air flow. However, this enhanced ventilation quantity also raises the air blowing sound.

Daikin’s air conditioners with humidification and ventilation functions send air taken in from the outdoors into the area by way of a hose that connects the indoor unit and the out of doors unit. In get to maximize the humidification and ventilation quantity, it is required to boost the diameter of the hose, but given that the dimension of the via hole in the wall by which the hose and the refrigerant pipe move is mounted, that is tricky.

The sound reduction kit is equipped in the condensing device

When Daikin has developed and mounted a significant-overall performance air flow lover to lessen ventilation noise even though making certain humidification and air flow volume, the sound is even further diminished by way of the addition of Fujifilm’s ventilation soundproofing content.

The soundproofing is reached by working with metamaterial technologies which, due to its compact framework, enables vast-band soundproofing, and by way of its fluid structure suppresses wind resistance.

Daikin will make the humidification/ventilation noise reduction kit obtainable as an optional merchandise for Urusara X and Urusara mini on sale from this spring.

The noise reduction know-how is explained to have a large variety of applications for air conditioning tools in basic, and has new possible for miniaturisation of elements. Daikin and Fujifilm say they will go on to produce systems to even more improve the functionality of air conditioners.

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