Dwyer releases Series PMI particulate matter transmitter

Amid increased normal curiosity in measuring indoor air high quality, Dwyer Devices has introduced its Collection PMI particulate make any difference transmitter.

The transmitter is intended to measure indoor air high-quality by detecting particulate subject in an place of work environment or HVAC duct.

In accordance to Dwyer, the Series PMI works by using laser scattering technological innovation to evaluate particles as compact as .3µm, generating it an vital component of any indoor air top quality checking system. The optional relay put together with the settable alarm and manage parameters allow the Sequence PMI to be a stand-on your own controller.

“The Series PMI maintains balanced air supply with very long-expression security and precision,” suggests Dwyer. “It is particulate make any difference software unbiased, as duct- and wall-mount models are offered. It is also small servicing, with 10 yrs of assistance everyday living in auto method.”

Overvoltage safety is provided for small downtime, and optional integral show and buttons facilitate setup.

The merchandise is acceptable for instructional establishments, health care services, company offices, inns/eating places and air purifiers.

Examine the enterprise profile of Dwyer Instruments at HVAC&R Search.

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