EC proposes steep HFC cuts and usage bans

EUROPE: The European air conditioning and refrigeration field could encounter stringent cuts in HFC refrigerants and bans on popular AC refrigerants in new EC proposals to bolster the F-fuel regulation.

Amid the F-gasoline revision proposals, released nowadays, the European Commission seeks to ban the use of HFCs with GWPs of 150 or a lot more in new break up technique air conditioners and warmth pumps of a rated capability of up to and which includes 12kW from January 1, 2027. 

Also, from 1 January 2027, the proposals find to ban the use of HFCs with a GWP of 750 or much more in new split units with capacities previously mentioned 12kW.

Accelerated section down

As not long ago disclosed by the Cooling Submit, the proposals also comprise an acceleration of the F-gasoline section down with stringent new cuts to the present quotas. The most quick adjust is the risk of a near 50% minimize to the latest quota in 2024. This would be adopted by an even larger sized share action down in 2027 when, below the new proposal, the quota would be slice to just 10.01% of the baseline. 

The proposed accelerated period down centered on a 2015 base line of 176,700,479 tonnes CO2e


As demanded by both market and environmental groups, the revision proposals also seeks to include substitute refrigerants, like CO2 and hydrocarbons, in the F-fuel schooling and certification system. The schooling method would also contain awareness to strength efficiency features.

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