Energy recovery heat pump on R290

SWEDEN: The new Omicron Zero polyvalent warmth pump from Swegon is explained as the 1st Eurovent-qualified multi-functional device for 4-pipe devices employing R290 refrigerant.

The new polyvalent models, in sizes up  to 230kW, are explained to be capable of remaining capable to recuperate power from equally heating and cooling no matter of user requires or ambient temperatures.

With a refined logic control procedure, they can modulate the total of restoration up to total warmth recovery, while still remaining able of regulating the developed temperature in the course of recovery. 

These units have the capability to also transfer strength within just the process, to the place it is desired the most, can make them really useful from an energy level of watch.

These polyvalent units are reported to be capable to control all doable out of doors problems, even colder climates, all year round and guaranteeing constant warm h2o output down to -20°C ambient.

They are outfitted with fastened speeds scroll compressors and can have out unbiased defrosting cycles for just about every circuit with developed running logic.


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