Evaporative humidifier boosts data centre cooling

United kingdom: The Condair ME evaporative humidifier is supporting United kingdom company Weatherite lessen cooling method electricity consumption for its details centre and telecoms clientele by up to 80%. 

Condair’s evaporative humidifier is furnishing adiabatic cooling in Weatherite’s Adtec-D totally free air cooling device. It boosts the cooling capacity of the technique, allowing the Adtec-D to entirely swap the need to have for mechanical cooling in some programs.

The Adtec-D is a self-contained, modular cooling system that can be found either inside or exterior of a creating. In info hall or telecom environments, for most of the yr it operates in absolutely free air cooling method. Having said that, when the outside the house temperature rises to all-around 20°C, the Adtec-D switches to adiabatic cooling method. The incoming air is then passed via the Condair ME, which evaporates drinking water into the contemporary air stream, cooling it by up to a further 12°C.

By combining no cost air and evaporative cooling, Weatherite’s Adtec-D has recently been able to completely exchange DX mechanical cooling throughout more than 800 switchgear rooms for a primary Uk telecoms supplier. A whole of about 1,500 Adtec-D units have been deployed in the challenge to day. 

A solitary legacy 30kW DX and absolutely free air cooling device was consuming close to 71,000kWh on a yearly basis to manage the needed internal temperature, operating 24/7. The substitution 30kW Adtec-D cooling device consumes just 14,000kWh to fulfill the similar annual cooling load. This resulted in an 80% electricity conserving for the client, which is a significant 83.3MWh annual saving in energy across the British isles-vast retrofit undertaking.

Obtainable in modules that can present from 15 to 80kW of practical cooling, the Adtec-D will generally operate with an electricity performance ratio increased than 15, even at peak outputs. 

“The evaporative cooling technological innovation, equipped by Condair, guarantees the Adtec-D can keep the allowable ASHRAE disorders, even in the course of the hotter months in a European weather without having the reliance on F-gas refrigerants,” claimed Weatherite technical supervisor Andy Lewis.

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