F-gas concessions fail to pacify manufacturers

EUROPE: The European Parliament’s natural environment committee (ENVI) has calm some of the devices bans proposed in the EC’s F-gas revision but not enough to dispel business considerations.

Yesterday’s positive vote on a amount of compromise amendments sought to counter industry worries that the F-gas proposals, apart from being unachievable, would influence the accelerated warmth pump roll out essential to fulfill EU local climate targets.

Before yesterday’s vote, twelve leading associations and teams lively in the European HVACR market wrote to members of the ENVI committee contacting for many of these amendments to be rejected. The compromise amendments were being, even so, carried.

The ENVI proposals do chill out the bans deadline for air conditioning and warmth pump units, but mostly only by 12 months, and whilst also removing some of the GWP limits. 

The AC and warmth pump bans

The ban on fluorinated greenhouse gases in plug-in home, monobloc and other self-contained air conditioning and heat pump tools has been rolled back to 1 January 2026, from 1 January 2025 in the EC’s initial revision proposals. The restrict of it only making use of to fluorinated greenhouse gases with a GWP of 150 or a lot more has also been removed.

The proposed ban on single break up air-conditioning and split heat pump gear that contains less than 3kg of HFC refrigerants has been postponed to 1 January 2027, from 2025 in the EC’s revision proposals. Set double duct units have been added and, yet again, the ban would apply to all HFCs, the exemption for HFCs less than 750 owning been taken off.

Underneath the ENVI amendments, all HFCs would be banned in break up air conditioning and break up warmth pump systems up to 12kW but would receive a 12 month reprieve to 1 January 2028. 

Break up air conditioning and break up warmth pump units of far more than 12kW and up to 200kW using GWPs up to 750 also see a 12-month delay, apart from when necessary to fulfill security benchmarks.

The ENVI committee amendment also adds a ban on HFCs in break up air conditioning and break up heat pump systems above 200kW from 1 January 2028.

There are concessions contained in the amendments for instances where by alternate options are not readily available or can not be utilized for technical or security motives. These will be included in a different news merchandise.


The proposed ban on HFCs in stationary fridges and freezers for commercial use (self-contained gear) from 1 January 2024 has been retained less than the ENVI amendments but the 150 GWP limit has been eradicated.

The 1 January 2025 ban on HFCs in any self-contained stationary refrigeration tools has also been retained but, once more, the 150 GWP restrict has been removed.

The other ban on stationary refrigeration tools, as published, appears to be baffled and probably contradictory. The Cooling Submit has sought clarification.

New bans

The ENVI committee amendments also include a quantity of new HFC bans: 
In vans and ships from 1 January 2027
In trucks, trailers and reefers from 1 January 2029
In foams, besides when demanded to meet national security benchmarks, 1 January 2030
In mini, displacement and centrifugal chillers from 1 January 2027.

The ENVI Committee report will now go before the entire European Parliament ahead of trialogue negotiations with the Council.

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