Fujitsu Introduces New, More Capable Line of VRF Systems

February 28, 2023

Fujitsu Typical America’s AIRSTAGE VU-V systems provide better flexibility, efficiency and capability for industrial and mild commercial programs.

Airstage VU-V outside models can serve either as warmth pump or warmth restoration systems with uncomplicated location improvements and the addition of refrigerant department units (RBU’s). The new VRF platform presents broader dimension ranges, with single modules from 6 to 16 tons, and up to 36 tons for each put together system. As quite a few as 64 indoor units can be connected to a one system.

Operation in a broader range of outside ambient temperatures is offered, with heating capability at out of doors temperatures as very low as -15°F. Cooling is offered with outdoor temperatures as high as 126°F. The Airstage VU-V represents greatest-in-course functionality for utmost related refrigerant pipe 3,280 ft.

A new assistance window presents fast entry to the PCB switches and error indicator. Compressor lifecycle is greater owing to the Airstage VU-V controls’ ability to rotate the starting up unit across the modules in a method. Also, compressor command logic manipulates inverter speed to balance the mass airflow price of refrigerant in each outdoor unit. Greater indoor comfort and ease is realized by means of clever refrigerant manage corresponding with the warmth load of the home.

The scroll compressors utilised provide a broader vary of change down, and use Fujitsu’s one of a kind sensor-fewer sine wave management process to control compressor input electricity, strengthening performance and lowering decibel ranges.

These enhancements make the Airstage VU-V applicable to an even broader range of apps. The pros implement to all functions concerned with an HVAC challenge, from architects and engineers to facility administration and close-people.

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