German groups call for PFAS exemption

GERMANY: Sector groups in Germany have called for exemptions for F-gases and spare sections for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps in any long term European PFAS bans.

Earlier this 12 months, an axis of 5 European nations – Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark – submitted a joint restriction proposal to the European Access laws for PFAS made up of substances. The broader definition proposed would include almost all HFC and HFO refrigerants.

With consultations on the rules about to conclude, 7 of Germany’s top teams and associations, together with the federal guild BIV and contractors’ entire body VDKF, are contacting for an exception made for PFAS-made up of F-gases and an limitless exemption for fluorinated refrigerants for services and routine maintenance reasons.

It factors out that the RACHP industries use PFAS chemical substances in a variety of kinds and applications, together with in seals, development and coating supplies, electrotechnical components, as properly as fluorinated refrigerants. 

“In several circumstances content homes are not presently accessible and also not in the timeframe of the planned ban durations can be formulated as marketable items,” the team states in a assertion.

All fluorinated refrigerants, with five exceptions, would be afflicted by the PFAS ban. The team argues that the use of F-gases is already remaining strictly controlled and consistently restricted in just the framework of the European F-gas regulation.

Rejecting any ban that was “detached from an evaluation of the actual environmental influence and the foreseeable availability of acceptable substitutes”, the group says: “The safe procedure of refrigeration, air conditioning and warmth pump programs would normally be massively jeopardised – with the corresponding penalties for our whole financial system and culture.”

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