Kelvion extends air cooler options for “natural” refrigerants

GERMANY: Kelvion has extended its CS/CB and CD ranges of air coolers with an optimised coil style to fulfill the calls for of “natural” refrigerant programs.

Kelvion’s CSF/CBF and CSH/CBH cubic air cooler strains now have an adapted pipe procedure to support the requires of lower quantity devices for CO2 or ammonia.

The range is offered from 5.6kW up to 175kW for CO2 and preferably suited for superior stress applications up to 90bars.

The capacity selection for ammonia – from 7.7kW up to 224kW – is offered as blow and draw by means of variations. Diverse elements and a vast assortment of choices helps make these coolers effortlessly adaptable to an software.

The CDF and CDH twin discharge air coolers attribute the similar tube process. They are readily available from 6.1kW up to 125kW for CO2 for apps up to 90bar. The ability assortment for ammonia is from 7.9kW up to 154kW.


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