Nuclear concern over HFC availability

FRANCE: EDF is concerned about the shorter-phrase availability and prices of HFCs very important to keeping its nuclear services if the proposed accelerated section-down under the F-gasoline regulations come to be regulation.

The French multinational electric utility company also voices its concern that the proposed phase-down trajectory combined with product bans in 2025 and 2027 will be “highly problematic” for warmth pumps.

EDF makes use of R134a for refrigeration reasons in all over 800 course of action cooling units in the company’s nuclear ability plants. The units are made use of to maintain the “nuclear island” at a suitable temperature and reduce materials’ ageing. 

In its reaction to the current responses to the European Commission’s F-gas revision proposals, EDF points out that following the implementation of the Montreal Protocol, R134a was selected on the basis of technological and safety parameters, such as flammability, toxicity to workforce and corrosiveness. 

It is now involved that the “highly ambitious” stage-down objectives and lessened output legal rights will effect the refrigerant’s availability and fees in the brief-expression. 

Echoing the sentiments of other group who have responded to the proposals, EDF also warns that the proposed bans and optimum GWP restrictions on split air conditioning and warmth pump gear from 2025 “might guide to heat pumps shortages since the complete benefit chain would have to reorganise at a extremely quickly pace”. 

“This can be a major challenge contemplating the ambition established out in the Renovation Wave and RepowerEU in phrases of warmth pumps deployment, which acknowledges their vital contribution to the decarbonisation of the making sector,” EDF suggests. 

“Indeed, the absence of HFC shares and choice answers might disrupt the marketplace in the limited-term, and the affiliated higher amount of investments would certainly be reflected in product sales price,” it adds.

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