Panasonic launches R290 ECOi-W chiller

GERMANY: Panasonic is established to start a selection of R290 variations of its ECOi-W warmth pump chiller.

Produced at its factory in France, the now out there 35kW unit will be joined by 4 far more types with capacity ranges of 50, 60, 70 and 80kW.

An progressive plate warmth exchanger and a highly effective scroll compressor are claimed permit the device to obtain an SEER of 4.33 and SCOP of 3.54. 

With an intelligent regulate procedure also providing procedure regulation, the ECOi-W R290 can be equipped with a variable pace pump offering electrical power usage reductions of up to 70% compared to a fastened-speed pump. The unit can also be equipped with supporter pace manage, which is controlled by the condensing pressure.

To be certain most safety, an smart expansion valve minimises overheating of the evaporator. The electronically controlled protection ventilation also makes certain that procedure is stopped promptly, and an alarm is brought on if R290 is detected by the gasoline sensor. The self-contained ventilation procedure is then claimed to assure safe venting of the fuel to the outside. The optimised warmth transfer in the condenser permits a 50% reduction in refrigerant charge, which implies fewer than 3kg of R290.

Thanks to prolonged running boundaries, ECOi-W R290 can be utilised really flexibly, with an outdoor temperature of up to 40°C, the chiller can present temperatures as low as -15°C. In heat pump manner, the unit supplies a warm h2o temperature of up to 45°C down to -20°C outside temperature. At 0°C, the ECOi-W R290 reaches drinking water temperatures of 60°C.

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