Rhoss produces R290 heat pump

ITALY: Rhoss, the Italian producer of chillers and warmth pumps, has declared the availability of a new scroll compressor heat pump created for use with R290 (propane). 

Soon after compiling a comprehensive catalogue of products with A2L refrigerants, Rhoss now makes the transfer into A3 refrigerants with the new Poker290.

The new array, which will be highlighted at the forthcoming ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, is available in just just one sizing but can be coupled in up to 4 units through Rhoss’ new built-in sequencer SDR and go over a ability from around 48kW up to 190kW.

Particularly made for use with R290, the Poker290 options an integrated leak detector and air flow process for full protection with A3 refrigerant.

With a solitary refrigerant circuit in a double compressor (preset speed) configuration, the device is stated to be able of accomplishing lower temperature SCOP up to 4.19 and medium temperature SCOP up to 3.57.


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