Roller extends air cooler options

GERMANY: Roller has prolonged its selection of ceiling-mounted air coolers with minimal noise and flammable refrigerant variants.

The FKN/FKNT collection products for tiny, walk-in chilly rooms have lengthy been outfitted with tension-resistant and highly efficient EC diagonal fans, but even quieter variations are now out there with EC lover technology for applications with notably higher requires on noise emissions. The new air coolers with the extra designation ECDS accomplish noise reductions of 4dB(A) in contrast to conventional models.

The sequence also now incorporates more variants for use with extremely lower-GWP A2L refrigerants and flammablel A3 refrigerants. A so-referred to as COG variation with an operating stress of 80bar is obtainable for use with CO2.

The FKN/FKNT, which is only 120mm deep is generally used in refrigerated rooms in the catering trade, in which a vast variety of food items, normally open, are saved collectively. In purchase to meet up with the necessities for a correspondingly increased corrosion protection, the evaporator block is offered with a KTL dip coating as conventional. 

The particular layout of the FKN/FKNT also allows the system to be applied as a wall or ceiling system. As a wall-mounted variant, only an effortless-to-set up drip tray demands to be hooked up. The quick cleaning in the two set up variants is confirmed by a completely hinged housing.

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