Trane extends Sintesis Balance on R454B

BELGIUM: Trane is growing its Sintesis Stability CMAF portfolio of multi-pipe units for simultaneous cooling and heating with new designs on R454B refrigerant in capacities up to 1400kW. 

The capacity enhance answers the demands of bigger new and present creating entrepreneurs seeking to get rid of independent boiler and chiller systems to fulfil their facilities’ cooling specifications in the summer season, heating in the winter or the two during the 12 months.

R454B is a decrease flammability A2L refrigerant mix of 68.9% R32 and 31.1% 1234yf. It has a GWP of 467.

The units are mentioned to supply far better cooling and heating efficiencies, improved working maps and lessen environmental effect as opposed to equivalent models with R410A. Precisely, Trane claims a 3.5% greater EER in cooling method, 4.5% improved TER in simultaneous cooling and heating mode and 3% larger COP in pure heating mode.

In addition, Trane states the 3°C broader heating running map lets additional buildings, even in colder locations in Europe, to transfer absent from fossil-gas dependent heating methods. The Sintesis Equilibrium CMAF provides warm drinking water up to 48°C at ambient air temperatures as lower as -18°C up to 55°C warm water at ambient air temperatures as minimal as -10° and up to 68°C of hot (sanitary) drinking water when ambient air temperature is over +7°C.

The units use Trane’s Adaptive Refrigerant Procedure, a proprietary engineering, which instantly optimises refrigerant demand and sub-cooling in every working manner and various temperature conditions, providing more efficiency and performance gains.

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