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June 29, 2022

Unico, Inc., the primary producer of little-duct central heating and air conditioning methods, has introduced its determination to mitigating climate improve by making extremely successful electronically commutated (EC) motors normal for all blower versions within its modular air dealing with units.

While the govt has mandated all U.S suppliers of inside air conditioning elements equip fan coil and blower units with EC motors by the finish of the calendar yr 2022 to acquire effectiveness ratings these as SEER and HSPF, Unico is making this modify quickly.

“From the basic principles of our style – lesser, tightly-sealed ducting with less thermal vitality decline or leakage – to our Eco-friendly Collection air managing units, Unico is a proud leader of electrical power successful, environmentally pleasant, excellent indoor comfort products” said Ashton Gavelek, marketing and advertising manager for Unico.  “We’re excited to after yet again be forward of the curve in the industry by building EC motors normal in all our supporter coil unit and modular blower offerings.”

Ms. Gavelek notes that while Unico is not discontinuing use of long term split capacitor (PSC) one velocity motor-outfitted blowers, they will only be created offered upon precise request for like-for-like replacements and/or installations involving hydronic coils (chilled or sizzling), as no effectiveness regulations now exist for these applications.

“Our installing contractors are the finest in the marketplace,” provides Ms. Gavelek, “they are the early adopters of innovative, highly efficient systems that ecologically mindful house owners progressively demand, so we know our pleasure will increase to them in earning these motors normal for most Unico Method installations.”

Founded in 1985, Unico is the foremost company of tiny-duct central HVAC engineering for excellent indoor climate control.  Its lesser ductwork, flexible supply tubing, modular air handling equipment, and unobtrusive retailers make it the premier HVAC decision for owners of older, traditionally important, and new, custom made-designed households.

About Unico Inc.

The Unico System is a little-duct central heating and air conditioning method made by Unico Inc. Perfect for tailor made and new dwelling building, older house retrofits and historic preservation, as properly as business programs, The Unico System requires fewer than just one-3rd the space of a regular HVAC method. Unico is an energetic member of the U.S. National Have faith in for Historic Preservation. For additional details, visit www.unicosystem.com.

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