Wessels Introduces New Multi-Purpose Tank

March 16, 2023

Wessels Company is introducing a new ASME Multi-Goal Tank or the WMT. The WMT is developed for several features, with 4 multi-configurable link options. The Multi-Reason tank can be utilised as a primary/secondary hydraulic separation with buffer electrical power storage for both scorching or chilled drinking water techniques. The buffer quantity slows fluid velocity resulting in exceptional air elimination.

Clients can decide on from up to eight different inlet/outlet configurations and can personalize media to assist with straining requires. Inlet/outlet ports can be either 90° or 180° apart. The system key-zone water connections can also be customized amongst NPT, flanged, or grooved dependent on the system’s requirements.

The WMT can also be paired with insulation, trim deals, WesMag magnetic filter or the newly introduced, WesPro Tremendous Filter Baffle. The WesPro Super Filter Baffle is a coalescing media that increases the efficiency of air and dirt elimination.

For far more details, quotes or availability of Wessels new WMT, simply call 317-888-9800 or take a look at www.westank.com.

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